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S E S S I O N  P R E S E N T A T I O N S

Session 1a

Keep Calm and Vision Zero On

Michael Yee  |  Lauren Armstrong  |  Diane Dohm  |  CJ Johnson  |  Kari Benes

Session 1b

Creating Place: Effective Placemaking in Planning

Robert Barber, Carol Rhea and Jen Maydan

Session 1c

Planning for Hawaii's Fresh Water Security

Dana Okano, Barry Usagawa, Kaleo Manuel and Randall Wakumoto

Session 1d

Ensuring Space for Coastal Ecosystems as Sea Level Rises

Dr. Fern Duvall II

Plenary Panel

Paradigm Shift on Kauai's North Shore


Session 2a

Addressing Sea Level Rise in Community Planning

None Available

Session 2b

Short-Term Rental Enforcement: Data and Innovation

None Available

Session 2c

Beyond the Human Cost of Homelessness

Marc Alexander

Session 2d

New Challenges - New Opportunities: Reshaping the Maui County Parks Department

Karla Peters and David Yamashita

Session 3a

Quicker, Faster, Lighter: Keep Calm + Quick Build On!

John Hagihara  |  Erin Wade

Session 3b

201H Projects - Solution or Problem?


Session 3c

Moving Forward With an Action-Based General Plan

None Available

Session 3d

Land Redevelopment Advanced by ArcGIS Urban and Hub

None Available

Session 3e

County Water Use and Development Plans

Edward Doi, Barry Usugawa and Alex DeRoode

Session 4a

Recent Developments in Land Use and Planning Law

David Callies

Session 4b

AICP: What is it?

None Available

Session 5a

Improving Disaster Recovery Preparedness in Hawaii

None Available

Session 5b


None Available

Session 5c

TEK: Ancient Wisdom - Future Best Practices

None Available

Session 5d

The Code Audit: What, Why and How

Robert Barber, Carol Rhea and Kathleen Aoki

Session 5e

There's (Bike/Ped) Funding in Them Thar Hills!

Genevieve Sullivan  |  Diane Dohm  |  Amy Ford-Wagner

Plenary Panel

Managing the Complex Issue of Retreat

None Available

Session 6a

Workshop: Strategies to Build Constituency

Atisha Varshney and Xiomara Cisneros

Session 6b

Planning with a Mitigation-Resilience-Equity Nexus

None Available

Session 6c

Pathways to Affordable Housing

Dean Minakami  |  Senator Stanley Chang  |  Douglas Bigley  |  Jeff Gilbreath

Session 6d

Public Health and the Built Environment

Laksmi Abraham and Kaimana Brummel  |  Lauren Loor  |  Wesley Lo  |  Rowena Dagdag-Andaya

Session 6e

New EIS Rules? Keep Calm and Consult On